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School Visits

"Children need to see that books are written by real people," says author Susanna Reich, who is now booking school visits for 2016 and 2017.

A school visit with Susanna works best with a schedule of up to three small group presentations and a booksigning. Her lively 40-minute talks are fun, informative, and highly interactive. Susanna is currently offering the following presentations:

"Meet Julia Child," for grades K-3, presents the story behind Minette's Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat. This acclaimed picture book is the perfect introduction to America's favorite chef and her life in Paris with her husband, Paul, and her first cat, Minette, who lapped up Julia's leftovers but preferred mice. Using colorful props and photos, Susanna explains how meeting Julia led to the creation of the book; discusses the research and writing process; and shares fun facts about Julia Child and her lifelong love of cats.

"Dancing With Words," for kids in grades K-3, centers on José! Born to Dance, a picture book which gives a child's-eye view of Mexico, explores the immigrant experience -- including the challenge of starting school in a new country without speaking any English -- and shows, through image, sound, and story, how José Limón discovered how to share his special gifts with the world.

"We have received rave reviews from students, teachers & administrators regarding your work for StoryFest! Thank you for helping to make the program such a success." - Bedford School District, Bedford, NY

Click here for more information about bringing Susanna Reich to your school, including availability and fees.

Susanna Reich with fifth graders

Fifth graders at Somers Intermediate School enjoy a visit with author Susanna Reich.


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